Treatment Procedure


A treatment should last 45 – 90 minutes maximum, 60 being most common.  This includes a full consultation, skin assessment, application of topical local anesthetic, pre and post treatment protocol, application of a mask.


  • Lay the client on the couch and place a hairnet or head band n them, ensure all jewelry is removed and no hair is obstructing the treatment area
  • Cleanse the skin in small circular moves to remove impurities, rinse
  • Deep cleanse to remove any remaining dirt, make up and debris, rinse
  • Blot the skin dry
  • Diagnose any areas of concern using a mag light that were not visible at consultation
  • Document any issues you have highlighted on the clients chart notes and take photographs to support this
  • If you have chosen to apply a topical aesthetic to the area to be treated – always follow manufactures guidelines and apply wearing gloves.  It is possible to speed up the activation process by occluding with a polyethene dressing – see below
  • Allow 20 – 40 minutes to activate, 20 minutes is usually sufficient for most clients
  • Once the clients report’s little to no sensation remove any TLA residue from the skin
  • Apply a bespoke serum to the client’s face – this can be mixed in a petri dish and applied with a fan brush
  • Divide the face into sections for example forehead, cheeks, chin, lip etc.
  • Hold the skin taught where possible
  • Apply a little pressure and work in 1-2 inch sections at a time keeping the handpiece vertical at all ties so the round end is in full contact with the skin
  • You will be making the union jack flag pattern i.e. vertical, horizontal and diagonal or you can work in small circles
  • Move to the next section and repeat
  • Repeat 1 more passes of the entire area – never complete more than 2 passes, however you can target specific areas a 3rd time with the device
  • After treating each section, wipe any bleeding
  • Gently remove the serum by cleansing with cool water
  • Apply a mask of choice for the client’s needs, and leave it on for 10-15 minutes, this will cool the area
  • Dispose of the needle into the sharps box
  • Apply moisturizer and an SPF 50 before the client leaves

There will be redness, erythema and oedema with some possibilities of blood spotting.


You will begin by working from the centre of the face, outwards away from the eyes and peri-oral contours.

1.Forehead – start on a 0.5

Start by working up from the top of the brow to the hairline, work around the eyes from the eye socket to the hairline of the temples



2.Chin and jaw – start on 0.5 – to a max of 0.75

Follow the jawline, ask about dentistry, wisdom teeth issues or sensitivity around the gums, as the client may feel the needling here


Repeat 1. On the opposite side of the face


Repeat 2. On the opposite side of the face


3.Cheeks – start on 0.5 to a 1.0

Stretching can be used if the skin in the cheek dictates it, missing the cheek bones out and meeting the jawline

Repeat 3. On the opposite side of the face


Complete the centre line by stretching the brows apart to work into the glabella area.

4.Nose start on 0.25 – to a max 0.5

Push the tip of the nose up and keep your finger in position there, this is your guide.  DO NOT GO LOWER AS ITS PAINFUL.

If the client has a flat nose they will less likely to feel pain.  Stretch leftwards and work in a C shape around the bulbous section of the nose, down towards the lip

Take care not to puncture your finger in this area.


5.Peri-oral – start on 0.25 to a max 0.5

Stretch outwards at the lip and work outwards to the side of the lip, repeat on the other side.

Work over the cupids bow in a downward direction.

Cover the underneath of the lip in centre to side movement left and right

You can plump the lip line as many times as you feel necessary, however no more than 6 passes

Repeat 4. On the opposite side of the face


Lift the clients face to tilt their head backwards, this is good for pigmentation and scarring form acne, no more than a 2 finger depth should be covered here.

 6.Peri-orbital – start on 0.25 max 0.25

Beneath the eyes is the first area to cover, work from the outer eye to the inner eye in 3 separate strokes, working up from the cheek, higher each time, but only 1 pass each

At the inner eye, stretch upwards towards the bottom line of the brow in one pass only

Between the brow line work upwards in 3 strokes

Finally finishing on the eye lid under the brow line work down to the natural crease line . NEVER GO ANY FUTHER AND ONLY 1 DO PASS

This is the first pass.  The second pass can then be started, eliminating the eye areas


Targeting areas for attention:

It is a great idea to look at flaws and imperfections during consultation as these areas can be targeted later.  Specific areas can be targeted such as the marionette lines.  If the skin is plump enough it can be used to slowly repeat 1 pass across this area.

Glabella lines at 0.75 or 1 if the client can tolerate it in a deep slow pass

Crow’s feet on the corners only, not underneath can be worked over slowly and with 0.25 or 0.5, do not repeat under the eye area

Scarring around the nose or chin, repeat with a 0.25 or a 0.5 if the client can tolerate it.

If blood spots occur, they can be gently rubbed in with a gloved hand.

Once completed the skin will appear a little raw a further serum can be applied such as vitamin C followed by a mask to soothe, tighten, brighten, soothe or calm and further rejuvenate.

The mask can be left on for 10-15 minutes.

Apply moisturizer

Apply an SPF 50