Product Knowledge

Product Knowledge 

You can buy products and kits from –

They have a range of different brands you can use, the brand we recommend is AIR LIFT, please see below each product description –


AirLift Lifting Lotion 1 & 2  is a gentle & effective cream formulation, which is safe and easy to apply. The thick cream consistency makes it less likely to drip into the client’s eyes.  It allows natural lashes to be softened and curled easily around the grooves in the shield. Our special formula is fast-acting and speeds up the perming process which improves the efficiency of the treatment. In individual sachets for better hygiene and effectiveness while keeping minimal waste.

TIP: One sachet is enough for 2 applications. Once the sachet is opened for treatment, the leftover can be used within 48 hours for treatment purposes and 7 days for patch testing purposes.


AirLift Lash Lift Shields are designed and calculated to achieve the most accurate curl and lift, exclusively for AirLift Lash Lift. Made with 40-degree silicone which is softer than most other shields, it’s easily trimmed and fits more comfortably on the client’s eye, including smaller eye shapes. AirLift Lash Lift Shields are molded with a curved edge which will easily fit on the eye without both ends lifting. All AirLift Lash Lift Shields feature grooves that help lashes stay straight, preventing the lashes from crossing over and helping speed up the application. Placement of the shield is vital to the outcome of your perfect lift – the shield must be placed as close to the lash line as possible. With our EXCLUSIVE curved edge design, these shields fit closer to the root of the client’s lash than any other rods, meaning you can lift from the root. AirLift Lash Lift Shields are marked with L (left eye) and R (right eye) to ensure you have the shields on the correct eyes. The size of the shield is marked on the outer edge.


AirLift Metal Lash Lift Tool Style B

The dual-ended Lash Lift Tool from AirLift helps you deliver the perfect lash lift for your clients – a lash technician must-have! Lift the natural lashes onto the shields and hold them in place while the adhesive dries as well as separate the lashes and straighten strays for the perfect lash line.
Easy to clean and disinfect. Choose from 2 styles.


AirLift Fixing Gel adheres AirLift Shield to the client’s eyelid and fixes natural lashes onto the grooved shield. For Brow Lamination, it sets the eyebrow hairs in the right direction for the treatment. The thin texture makes it set quickly allowing an easy and fast application.  it is a stronghold and could be easily spread to form a thin membrane that allows lotions to penetrate into the natural hair.

Water-based and dissolves quickly with water – enabling easy & clean removal.

Vegan-friendly and Cruelty-free