Preparing the client for the treatment

Regardless of which attachments are being used a cleanse will be required, a single cleanse if using the Hydro-dermabrasion attachment a double if not.

Followed by a thorough skin analysis.

Discuss with client which attachments will be used and why and gain a signature consent.

Step 1

  • Remove All Makeup

Makeup is not only the ultimate barrier between the skin and treatments, but it also tacks on pollution and dirt throughout the day.

Clean the eyes with separate pieces of cotton wool and the lips separately. Ideally you would ask you client to come in with little or no make-up.

Step 2

  • Cleanse

Using a mild cleanser, work into a foam in the hands, working in circular motions, cleanse the skin, removing all traces of make up

Remove using warm damp facial sponges.

Blot the skin dry with a tissue.

Step 3

  • Skin analysis

Skin analysis is the part of a professional facial when the aesthetician covers your eyes with cool cotton pads and looks at your skin underneath a brightly lit “magnify lamp” to determine your skin type, skin conditions, and the best course of treatment.

How to offer a skin analysis

  • Cleanse the face with a sensitive cleanser and remove makeup
  • Look carefully at the skin, the colour, the shine, the pores, the firmness, pigmentation
  • Combination Skin – T-zone mixed oils and dry
  • Dry /normal skin – shows neither oil nor flaking skin – smooth
  • Sensitive skin – red or sensitive to touch
  • Oily Skin – will leave grease on the tissue

Once this has been completed you may then continue to offer, you’re facial with the correct product for the skin.

Male clients

This treatment is suitable for male clients however, only if they are clean shaven can the procedure be fully completed. If they have stubble or a beard these areas are avoided.