Preparing for your dermaplaning practical day

Preparing before your practical day (if you are completing the training via zoom this will be applicable to you and possibly your model)

  • If you use at home peels or retinol in your skincare routine please stop using 3-4 days prior to attending your practical session.
  • You will be having a treatment so avoid putting on too much make-up
  • If you suspect that you have a contra-indication prior to attending the training session please contact the academy to discuss this.
  • Please be on time for the start of your course More than 20 minutes late will result in you having to reattend another time and incur an admin fee of £25.
  • Please ensure you are dressed professionally (all black or a professional tunic, suitable footwear, no denim or shorts) and that you hair is styled correctly so that it is off your face. Ensure your nails are a suitable length, so they will not injure your client, and there is not chipped nail polish. Failing to attend in dress code you will not be permitted to attend the session, your session will be rescheduled and incur a £25 admin fee.
  • You will need a pen and any notes you have made from the online prior learning.
  • Our location is remote and we have only a garden centre opposite us. The garden centre does have café (but they are not a quick service). Your course is only a half day but you are welcome to sit in out kitchen if you wish to eat any food in there.

On the day of your training

After the initial introductions the session will start by recapping the online theory knowledge followed by some more theory regarding the treatment process. Once this theory is completed you will carry out a treatment on someone in the class. To prepare for this it is beneficial to watch/re-watch the demonstration provided on this online platform. If this it will be your first time doing a treatment on someone you will be supported but you can practice some steps at home like doing a basic cleanse routine and applying moisturiser.

There are additional products that you may wish to purchase from our student retail cabinet to enhance your starter kit. These can be purchased during your training and taken away with you on the day.

Case Studies 

You will not receive you certificate on the day as you have complete 4 treatments in total.

One of these will be completed during the practical training and other three will be completed at home using the kit you receive on the training day (if completing as a zoom course this will be sent to you).

You will be given the paperwork needed to complete the case studies and the instruction on how to submit them to your tutor.

Once the case studies have been received and reviewed you will be emailed your certificate.


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