LED therapy for scalp and hair rejuvenation Copy

What is LED colour therapy?

Light is the fastest thing in the universe, therefore making the treatment benefits work quicker. It is a completely non-invasive therapy to encourage the body to begin to heal itself. LED therapy is a great ‘add on’ to complement most treatments performed in salons and clinics.

Different colours will have different effects on the skin.

The treatment is non-invasive with no sensations being felt during the treatment. The light works on a cellular level similar to that on photosynthesis in plants.

Different colours are used to either stimulate the circulation and lymphatic flow, or to calm and decongest areas. By directing coloured light towards the affected areas of the face, or body, can encourage physical healing.

How does colour therapy work?

The wavelengths penetrate the skin and work on an intercellular level. It targets the mitochondria, which is the power supply to the cell, resulting in rejuvenation. In simple terms the light recharges the battery so the cell can work better.

When cells change, it can lead to improved oxygenation and detoxification of the skin. This will help to improve the skins moisture levels, leading to an improvement in the signs of ageing.




How does light therapy relate to the anatomy of the skin and hair?

The skin is designed to not allow absorption of substances but light therapies can easily penetrate the skin without causing trauma or discomfort.

Each light works on a different frequency and penetrates to a different depth within the skin. As can be seen from the image LED treatments have the ability to penetrate further into the skin than most aesthetic therapies and there is the added benefit of it causing no pain, discomfort or necessary downtime.



Unique selling point (USP) for LED 

LED is a great way to add value to your scalp treatments as a combination package. It also provides you with another way to help your clients if they are not able to have microneedling due to contra-indications and does not want a treatment that involves needles.



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