Eyebrow shaping services

LO1 Know the salon requirements for providing eyebrow shaping services 
P1 – Describe how to set up the work area

Ensuring the area you work in is functional, welcoming and safe for your clients is the first step in providing an excellent and effective treatment.
When preparing your treatment room for clients it is important to consider the following:
• Hygiene
• Creating a professional environment
• Lighting
• Physical environment
• Sounds and music

It is very important to sterilise tools and equipment prior to carrying out
any type of eye treatment to maximise health and safety and prevent
cross-contamination. Use disposable tools where possible and always
follow these instructions when you are preparing for eye treatments:
■ Sterilise tweezers before use.
■ Make sure you wash your hands prior to the treatment.
■ Use disposable applicators where possible (eg disposable mascara
wands, brushes, eye shields).
■ Do not risk cross-contamination – make sure you use different
applicators on each eye.

Prepare the client

  1. Complete consultation
  2. Ensure client is satisfied with treatment plan
  3. Ask the client to lie in a semi-reclined position
  4. Secure their hair off the face
  5. Cover upper clothing with a towel and disposable tissue
  6. Wash your hands
  7. Remove all traces of eye make-up
  8. Wipe over with witch hazel to remove any oil
  9. Check for contra-indications using magnifying lamp
  10. Measure eyebrows and brush into shape
  11. Warm the area by using warm, damp cotton wool, facial steamer or hot towel
  12. Keep the skin taut by stretching with index and middle fingers
  13. Grasp the hair from the root and pluck in the direction of hair growth
  14. Work quickly but safely
  15. Monitor the skin for any extreme adverse reaction
  16. Brush the brows into shape regularly
  17. Wipe over brow during treatment to soothe tissues
  18. Keep tweezers clean
  19. Only remove hairs below the brows and between the eyes
  20. Always use a magnifying light

P2 – Describe how professional therapists present themselves

Therapist personal hygiene

Due to the close proximity of the therapist to the client during a treatment, it is vital that the therapist takes steps to maintain a good level of personal hygiene.

  • Launder uniforms daily
  • Bathe or shower daily
  • Apply a neutral smelling antiperspirant (reduces perspiration) and deodorant (reduces body odour)
  • Change underwear daily (inc. socks, stockings, tights etc)
  • Avoid wearing jewellery, nail adornments, dermal piercings etc. Jewellery tends to harbour high levels of bacterial and can increase the risk of cross contamination, injury and infection
  • Wear comfortable, flat, enclosed shoes with socks/stockings/tights etc
  • Ensure hair is clean and secured back away from the face
  • Clean teeth regularly and maintain good oral hygiene                                  

Adhering to basic rules and guidelines relating to safety when providing a beauty treatment will reduce the risk of causing infection, damage or injury to the client.  Working in a careless or unhygienic way can leave the therapist open to legal action should the client wish to seek compensation for any damages that may occur.

The therapist has a duty of care to the client and by ensuring that they work in a safe and hygienic way, clients can feel secure in the knowledge that they will receive a treatment in a healthy, safe and hygienic environment.

Honesty about the treatment that you will be providing and how the client will benefit from it.
Not compromising on your own values, the values of the workplace and the beauty industry.
Displaying confidence in your skills and knowledge of how to provide an effective treatment.
Considerate and respectful
The client should be considered the priority and therefore, treated respectfully throughout the treatment. Listen to the client’s expectations and form a treatment plan that meets their needs and maintains their comfort and modesty.
Can be trusted to consistently form treatment plans that provides for the needs of the clients.
Committing yourself to developing, improving and building on your skills.
Remaining polite to everyone you meet, no matter what their role is, and no matter how you’re feeling.

P3 – Explain the salon requirements for record-keeping


P4 – Explain the legal requirements for providing services to minors



LO2 Understand the effects and influencing factors of eyebrow shaping services 

P5 – Describe the contra-indications that may either require GP referral, restrict or prevent eyebrow shaping services

The following contra-indications will prevent you from carrying out eye treatments:
■ fungal infection
■ styes
■ conjunctivitis
■ bacterial infection
■ viral infection
■ severe eczema
■ severe psoriasis
■ severe skin condition
■ infestations
■ eye infections
■ watery eyes
■ client is undergoing chemotherapy
■ client is undergoing radiotherapy.

The following contra-indications will restrict you from carrying out the treatment:
■ recent scar tissue
■ hyper-keratosis
■ skin allergies
■ cuts and abrasions
■ high/low blood pressure
■ skin disorders

■ recent fractures and sprains
■ undiagnosed lumps and swellings
■ product allergies
■ erythema
■ hyper-sensitive skin


P6 – Explain how to refer the client to a health practitioner and why

Remember, you are not qualified to diagnose a contra-indication; you can only advise and recommend your client seeks medical advice.

P7 – Describe the factors to take into consideration when choosing an eyebrow shape

Eyebrows are shaped to add definition and enhance facial features. The factors that you should consider when shaping someone’s eyebrows are:
■ Age of client – as a client approaches her 50s, her hair becomes coarser, longer and thicker.
■ The natural shape of the brow – always try to complement the client’s natural browline. It can sometimes be impossible to create the look your client desires as their natural shape will not allow it. In this
For instance, you can use a brow pencil to help achieve your client’s look.
■ Fashion – always keep an eye on the fashion trends as these tend to change with the seasons; there is always a different brow shape and make-up trend so keep these in mind, especially with your younger
■ Client’s expectations – ask them questions to determine exactly what they require.
■ Eye shape/face shape – you want to enhance your client’s own features, so look closely at your client’s eye and face shape to maximise their good features.


P8 – Describe how to assess the eyebrow shape and proportions in relation to facial features


P9 – Describe the types of equipment and products used for eyebrow shaping

Time target: 15 minutes for brow shape

The following equipment is required:
• Headband
• Towel
• Cotton wool
• Tissues
• Eye make-up remover
• Witch hazel
• Surgical spirit
• Soothing antiseptic cream
• Hand mirror
• Record card and pen
• Sterilising fluid

P10 – List the benefits and effects of eyebrow shaping services

Eyebrow shaping:
■ adds definition to the face
■ softens the facial features
■ lifts the eye area
■ helps change the shape of the eye
■ adds colour to the brow.

Eyebrow shaping is a very popular treatment within a salon. Everyone’s
eyebrow shapes are different; some people have very bushy eyebrows
with very coarse, curly hair and others have fine, thin eyebrows.

The purpose of shaping the eyebrows is to add definition to the face and
enhance the facial features. It also acts as an instant face lift for more
mature clients as it gives the illusion of lifting the browbone.

Always make sure you listen carefully to your client throughout the
consultation to gain knowledge of your client’s expectations. Give advice
on what shape would best suit their face and enhance their facial

You can adapt the treatment at any time if necessary. The client might
have a low pain threshold and you might have to amend the treatment
by not taking as many hairs out, perhaps completing the treatment in
two sessions so the client feels more comfortable.

P11 – Describe the possible contra-actions to eyebrow shaping services and how to respond effectively

This is something that could potentially happen during or after the treatment. Advise your clients of the contra-actions that are relevant to the treatment they have had and ask them to contact you if any occur. If
the symptoms of the contra-actions are severe, suggest your client seeks medical advice from their GP. The table describes the normal contra-actions to eyelash/eyebrow treatments. Some more severe
contra-actions are described at the end of the table.

  • Erythema/redness is a normal reaction and takes between 2–24 hours to reduce depending on skin sensitivity.
Contra-action Relevant treatment Description and action
Erythema All treatments A dilation of blood capillaries that come to the surface of the skin. This is caused by friction or if the skin is irritated.

If this occurs, apply a cold compress to the affected area.

Swelling All treatments If swelling occurs, stop the treatment and apply a cold compress to the area.
Weeping eyes All treatments The eyes might be very sensitive and might weep slightly; the fumes from the adhesive, coloured tint or perming gel can be quite strong.

Advise your client to keep their eyes closed for 3 minutes after application. If a small amount of glue/tint/perming gel enters the eye, immediately apply an eyebath. The eyes might also weep when you are tweezing. If this occurs, sit your client up and apply a cold compress to the eyebrow area to soothe it.

Stinging All treatments The eyes might sting a little after these eyelash/brow treatments, as your client will have had their eyes closed for some time.

If a small amount of glue, tint or lifting lotion has accidentally entered the eye and is causing real discomfort, apply an eyebath immediately.

Your client’s eyebrow area might sting slightly after you have tweezed. Apply a cold compress or witch hazel to ease the stinging. If the eyes continue to sting when the client reaches home, suggest they seek medical advice from their GP.


Bruising Eyebrow shaping This might occur during an eyebrow shaping treatment. If your client has sensitive skin be very careful not to add too much pressure.
Staining Eyelash/brow tinting Staining might still occur even though you have added petroleum jelly as a barrier. If this happens you can remove it with stain remover. Apply to a piece of cotton wool and lightly rub the affected area.
Severe erythema All treatments A dilation of blood capillaries that come to the surface of the skin. This is caused by friction or if the skin is severely irritated; the skin will become very red.

If this occurs apply a cold compress to the affected area.

Tissue damage resulting in blood loss Eyebrow shaping If you accidentally damage your client’s skin it can result in blood loss. Depending on the severity of the damage, apply pressure with a cold compress until the bleeding has stopped. If the bleeding continues and it is a deep wound, advise your client to seek medical attention.
Allergic reaction to product All treatments If your client suffers an allergic reaction, remove the product immediately and apply an eyebath. If the problem continues, advise your client to seek medical attention.


P12 – Explain types of additional products or services to recommend in order to enhance the finished result

It is very important to give your client aftercare advice after you have completed the treatment. This will enable the client to look after their eyebrows at home and you can also make sure they are not going to
apply any products that will affect the result.
■ Rebook your client for a maintenance eyebrow shape in 2–4 weeks’ time.
■ Advise your client to avoid the following for 24 hours:
■ heat treatments (sauna, steam room, sun bed)
■ sunbathing
■ application of make-up to the treated area
■ application of perfumed products to the treated area, including moisturisers
■ touching the area.
■ Advise your client to apply a soothing product (witch hazel).
■ Home grooming – your client can brush their eyebrows into place if they are a little unruly.
■ Advise your client to tweeze any stray hairs between appointments


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